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Thanks to your perfume creation box, the world of perfume no longer has any secrets for you. From spices, to vanilla, or even the smell of sugar, there is something for everyone. With this box, make more than 8 perfumes in a fun way, to bring your own emotions to life. So you stand out with your own scents.

Your kit includes:

  • 25 perfume bases of 10 mL, high concentration (eau de parfum) made in France, made in Grasse , i.e. the equivalent of 250 mL of quality fragrances ,
  • 25 pipettes,
  • 2 empty bottles of 30 mL, giving you the possibility of creating several different creations,
  • A set of keys to feel,
  • Your Olfactena guide & support sheet.

You can benefit from a free 1-hour video session with our perfume expert Lydia, founder of Olfactena for the next 6 months from your purchase date . To do this, when ordering, provide your contact details in the “Contact” section in order to contact you for an online appointment.

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