Votre Personal Shopper Parfums Tout Terrain pour votre excursion dans Paris.

Notre Personal Shopper Parfums vous accompagne dans votre shopping à Paris, afin de vous aider à trouver les parfums qui correspondent à votre personnalité parmi les parfums rares issus des maisons de parfums confidentielles.

A guided tour with Olfactena , at the discovery of 3 confidential perfume houses - with astonishing, avant-garde & captivating scents, for you or to spoil your loved ones -, in one of the flagship districts of French perfumery.

We meet at an address defined in advance. You are accompanied throughout by Olfactena's expertise, to discover the history of the houses, target each person's ideal scents, & make you feel like no other.

Each of you benefits from tailor-made advice, tailored to your image, in order to reveal your unique “ je ne sais quoi ”. So you can buy the perfume(s) that suit your personality on site!

Duration of the visit: 2 hours.

150 euros per person. Pricing for a group of 4 people or less.

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